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About us 

Once upon a time, there where two hard working, creative, and  determined women who loved flowers, creative challenges,  and the beautiful paradise they lived in. 


That, and their vast experience in the hospitality industry resulted in Del Mar Floristería; a floral design company that specialises in offering decorating solutions for weddings, events, and interiors.  Always delivered with impecable quality, incredible designs,  the kindest service, and big sincere smiles! 

Yes! This fairytale has two heroins, a mother and daughter, who founded and created this project and their super power is to make your


come true!


Lorena Mejía

Co-Owner & Founder

She is a passionate, determined, high spirited leader who refuses to believe in the word impossible

Lorena is a highly skilled solver and a challenge seeker that will make sure goals are meet, results are delivered, things get done, and dreams come true.


She is always making sure every creation is done with the highest quality and  delivered with the kindest service.


Nadia González

Co-Owner & Creative Director

Her endless creativity, unique creation skills, and big kind heart, keeps pushing us to dream and grow bigger and better, and to never forget to have fun and a great attitude in every step of the process. 


Nadia is constantly reminding us that there's no better way to deliver great results and stunning designs than with always having in mind and heart  the honest intention to help others, weather they are team members, vendors, clients or loved ones! 

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